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The Social Inclusion Atlas and Ethnographic Profile (SIAEP) is one of the major research studies undertaken by the Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology at Tribhuvan University. The primary objective of the research is to promote informed understanding of Nepal’s social diversity by producing research-based, high quality and up-to-date information of the country’s social, cultural and linguistic composition and the status of human and social development. The project aims to produce and present the information useful for inclusive policy formulation, social exclusion assessment and broader education on country's social diversity.

Nepal is richly bestowed with social, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity with multiple caste and ethnic groups. The country, however, does not currently have a comprehensive knowledge-base of its caste and ethnic groups and its social diversity. Nepal as multicultural society needs to develop understanding of dimensions of the country's diversity in its totality and related issues of inclusion, and national solidarity through research that covers entire length and breadth of the country.  

Social inclusion has become a national agenda for attaining sustainable peace, equitable growth and inclusive state restructuring. Inclusive society is indeed both moral obligation and practical need. The phenomenon of heightened aspiration for identity, cultural recognition and their correlation with life chances and sense of belonging to wider national society has emerged as an important scholarly and policy concerns. This research with its various components helps address these concerns through generation and systematic analysis of empirical materials.


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